As he travels the US and the world, Eric immerses himself in the stories, experiences, and the people that create the character of the places he visits. He captures it all with wit, whimsy, and astonishing detail in his celebrated folk art paintings. Eric’s signature style and dynamic personality have delighted millions. His unique perspective, infectious personality, and highly detailed depictions of the world’s most recognizable locations have made his artwork highly collectible worldwide.




Over the years, Dowdle Folk Art has sent over one billion puzzle pieces out into the world. Each piece contributes to the happiness of our customers as they come together with family and friends to enjoy the challenge of completing one of Eric’s whimsical scenes. When just one of those of those people we love is missing from our lives, we notice. Eric shares his own vision of the importance of the individuals in his life, and why he values every detail that makes up each day he’s given to enjoy.


Sometimes your purpose takes you by surprise. In this short video, Eric Dowdle and his wife, Deb, share their own story of traveling halfway across the world to find a significant piece of their lives that they knew was missing. In the savannahs and villages of Kenya they discover more friendship, more love, and more meaning than they’d ever expected.


When we stop listening to our hearts, we are reminded that it is the people we gather around us that make us complete. There are no missing pieces. Dowdle Folk Art wants to hear how you found the missing piece that completed your personal puzzle. Please email your story to us at: